What We Do

There’s a method to our madness.

Over the years, we worked on viral videos that generated over 50 million views, docuseries and lifestyle videos that reinvented personal brands, and marketing videos that contributed to product campaigns with over $1million in revenue.

 We’ve learned that producing record-breaking content is not just about making dope videos, but also about an optimised production flow that lets us co-create our best work.

After years of working in the industry, we created a vast network of experts (Ad managers, copywriters, social media managers, course creators etc.) that can ensure we reach the desired result.

Where do you need help with?

need help with conversions?

Visual storytelling is the No. 1 medium in digital marketing in terms of engagement and ROI.

It’s no longer just the quality of your filmmaking that matters, but the use of proven and optimised editing techniques that instantly convey key messages to the right people.

Our product launch and testimonial videos have contributed to $1million+ revenue campaigns and turned customers into fans across the planet.

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lead generation or nurture?

We all now that video’s convert a lot better for ad’s and that you can reach more people on social with video content.

But ONLY if the message and optimization of the video is on point.

Over the years we created ad’s for brands like Mindvalley, Meditation Moments and many more that contributed to millions of dollars in revenue and a cut in ad spend.

When it comes to social, we helped grow accounts on all platforms and gained over 50 million views.

It is safe to say that we cracked the code.


If you’re an entrepreneur or content creator, you know that your biggest asset is your brand. These iconic videos create an intimate connection with your audience and introduce everything you stand for, as well as your unique brand personality. We capture this in the form of mini documentaries, portrait videos, and PR films.

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You’re a thought leader in your field and you’re ready to share your knowledge with your audience.

Or perhaps, you’d like to scale your passive income by turning your existing educational content into an online course.

We will help you create a storyline and an optimised structure for your course content so that students won’t just retain what they learn from you, but enjoy the process and connect with you as a facilitator.

Our creative editing techniques will boost your engagement rate, completion rate, and earn you great reviews from course participants.

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Our Process

Here’s what our team can do for you.

Golden Era Media

1. Strategy

What’s the key to making a video successful? Being crystal clear on its objective. During our strategy session, we define what success means for your video based on your goals and find the best visual solutions to achieve that.
Golden Era Media

2. Pre-Production

After the objective is clear, we plan the storyline, scout locations, cast talent, and bring our script writers on board to unleash their wordsmithery. This is the foundation of every project that allows us to bring your vision onto the screen.
Golden Era Media

3. Production

This is the big day when we get our cameras rolling and capture your footage. We help direct you and your supporting talent to bring out their A-game, and capture B-rolls (illustrative shots) as well as behind the scenes moments to work from.

Golden Era Media

4. Post-Production

This is where nifty cuts, video optimisation techniques, and effects come into play that create the feel and visual storytelling you’re looking for. In other words, an optimised formula that appeals to both humans and algorithms.
Golden Era Media

5. Distribution

It’s time to share your content on your channels, and optionally, on our top partner platforms with millions of followers in order to get your videos viral. We optimise your content for your distribution channels and we run an analytics report on the results. Let the numbers speak.
Golden Era Media

6. Education

Workshop or training?

We don’t mind sharing our secrets. Besides handling the 360° production flow of content projects, we also provide consultancy on video marketing & creation. If you have a team of content creators who share our passion for top-notch videography, we are happy to organize a training for them as well.

Ready to jump on a call?

Book a free discovery call with our team and let’s talk about what you need so we can create a personalised package that works best for your brand.

We are an international video production company that produces films and videos for personal brands and companies that focus on entrepreneurship and personal development.

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